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Kenco - Forklift Adapter - 12,000lbs. Capacity

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The FLA12000 Forklift Adapter is a forklift attachment that lets you expand lifting possibilities. Just slip the forks into this adapter and secure it to the bulkhead. Fork lift attachments can now be used to lift barrier wall, pipe, irregular objects and MORE. This fork truck attachment has a 12,000 pound capacity.

Simply attach the provided safety chains from the bulkhead eye to the two top eyes of the adapter to prevent it from sliding on the forks.

A built-in lifting eye on the bottom of the forklift attachment allows you to hook up any Kenco lifting attachment with rigging such as our RigMax Sling Assembley. The height of the lift cycle for the fork truck attachment can be increased by using a shorter strap or direct clevis.


  • Unit Weight: 230 lbs


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