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Kenco - Bin Block Lift - 24"-30" Eco Block - Capacity 6000 Lbs.

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The Kenco Bin Block Lift boasts a unique design that allows the lifter to fit perfectly over the keyway systems molded into these precast block. The operator simply sets the tongs of the concrete block lifter down over the block. The cut away portion straddles over the keyway to allow the lifter to rest flat on concrete bin blocks.

Much like the Kenco Barrier Lift, the legs automatically grab on tightly as the block is raised. Once it is set into place, tension is released on the sling, and the lifter locks into the open position. It is now ready to repeat the cycle.

  • 6,000 LB capacity
  • Grip Range of 24″ to 30″
  • Unique design to fit concrete waste material block with keyway systems


Kenco’s patented below the hook lifting products are designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with the latest revisions of the ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 standards and are accepted by OSHACanOSH, as well as virtually all other world wide standards. The Barrier Lift is a patented design under US Patent 6331025.

Every lifting device is hand tested by our engineering staff before it leaves our facility.

Specifically designed for modular blocks known as:

  • Bin Blocks
  • Buttersticks (Texas)
  • Mafia Block
  • Quarry Block
  • Eco / Ecology Block
  • Lego Block
  • Waste Block


  • Unit Weight: 800 lbs
  • Grip Range: 24 - 30 in.
  • Lift Capacity: 6000 lbs
  • Actuator Size: Medium
  • Elastomer Pad Size: 6x24 in.


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