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Auger Torque 14" Stump Planer for Earth Drills - 2" Hex Hub

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  • Auger Bit Hub
  • Diameter


*Requires high-flow skid steers/tractor loaders (30-40gpm)*

Removal of tree stumps is a job which, at best, is noisy, messy and time consuming. Traditional methods of removal shower chippings over a wide area making clean up a time consuming exercise. With the Auger Torque Stump Planer tree stumps are removed effortlessly and quietly and clean up time is reduced significantly.

The Auger Torque Stump Planer is the quick and easy attachment to any Earth Drill for the effective, clean removal of tree stumps of any size. Much like an auger bit is bolted to your earth drill, so is the stump planer.

If you need to clear ground in preparation of works or earth drilling there is no better way to remove the remains of trees. Stump Planers are available in numerous sizes with a range of different hub options for different demands. Quick and easy with minimal mess compared to traditional stump grinding makes this a must-have product for those working in ground preparation and woodland maintenance.


  • Overall Length: 27 in.
  • Weight Class: 4.5 - 8.0 tons
  • Unit Diameter: 14 in.
  • Unit Weight: 73 lbs
  • Hub Option: 2.5" HEX and 2.96" Round
  • Earth Drill Compatibility: 5200-35 to 6000-40


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