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Become a Partner

We at Attachment Supply Company are always looking to partner with reliable manufacturers who produce quality products for the construction and landscaping industries. 

Why Manufacturers Would Choose ASC?

“The Easy Way to Sell the Right Attachment"

  • 24/7/365 ability to sell product
    • Sell product when you are sleeping!
  • Additional brand promotion at no cost to manufacture
    • Increase your Market Share
    • ASC is committed to a robust and dynamic online and social media marketing effort to drive potential customers to the site and will never request financial assistance for the effort.
  • Free up sales resources to focus on new customers, markets
    • Majority of sales resources are focused on existing customers
    • Initial focus on high-running products, means less customization and fewer variations
    • Pricing and general lead-times always available
  • Greater profit retention
    • Dealers typically require deep discounts (up to 45%) even on low volume, as they try to maintain high (30%) margin on attachments
    • Streamlined process and low overheads means ASC can be competitive without requiring deep discounts from the manufacturer
  • POS data available
    • Better insight into who, where, and what is of interest and sold
    • Better understanding of who the end-user is, not the just the dealer
  • E-Commerce without the development costs
    • Create an additional sales channel without costs and focused on evolving trend of how product is purchased.
    • Allow manufacturers to focus on core competencies
    • Potential reduction in sales and marketing costs

If you are interested in finding an emerging channel to market for your product please get in touch with us at