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About Us


About Attachment Supply Company (ASC)

The idea for Attachment Supply Company (ASC) has evolved over decades. It started when Co-Founder James Baird, while working for his family’s construction attachments manufacturing company, experienced firsthand the challenges delivering the right products at the right time to the right people. After the sale of the family business, James continued to work in the attachment industry where he continued to witness other companies struggle with similar challenges getting their products to market.


The challenges facing the industry

“I could see how manufacturers were struggling to service end-users quickly enough to convert inquiries into sales,” said James. “And because of my background in the industry, I knew that many of these manufacturers’ sales resources overwhelmingly were committed to serving existing customers, not to developing new ones. I could also see how these manufacturers’ core sales competencies were for brick-and-mortar based customer relationships, and how they were not set up to have meaningful or successful digital interactions. I believed that there had to be a better solution for selling attachments for construction equipment.

Over the years as consumers began to change their buying expectations thanks to what James called “the Amazon effect,” he realized that the growing requirement for attachments to be purchased online would be the answer to many of these manufacturers’ challenges. That’s why he teamed up with Greg Janke, who had a background in growing businesses’ opportunities digitally, to create an innovative business model that would allow the ability to buy and sell attachments online, on demand, 24/7.

“We believed that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, we knew we just needed to bring the wheel to this market...” said Greg.

That’s how Attachment Supply Company (aka ASC) was born.


An innovative solution

Today, ASC offers site users a robust, dynamic e-Commerce and online marketing site, specifically catered to the construction equipment attachments market, offering all makes, models and sizes — from compact equipment, like skid steers and track loaders, all the way up through heavy construction machinery, including large wheel loaders and excavators. The company’s mission is to connect buyers and sellers online in a hassle-free, easy-to-do-business-with way.

Open for business around-the-clock, ASC provides manufacturers a trustworthy, reputable digital platform to sell their products and buyers an easy-to-use cyber store to make their purchases — at any time of the day, from anywhere.


A unique offering

Separating the ASC business model from other online retailers, James and Greg have made a commitment to their customers that the company will never be a clearing house for low-cost, low-value products. ASC only works with — and sources from — established, well-known brands and OEMs throughout the construction equipment industry in order to provide quality attachment solutions. 

ASC also provides a distinctive model for customer service and support throughout a customer’s buying journey — before, during and after the sale. Site visitors receive what James and Greg call “a self-managed experience.” What this means is that customers only have to talk with company representatives when they want to: A 24/7 call center and online chat option are available for customers when and if they need support, but interaction with the team is not necessary to complete a transaction.

“Buying from ASC is an on-demand experience for customers,” said Greg. “We are accountable to our customers if they need us, having a ‘live’ person available to respond to questions and inquiries in real-time. But if they don’t need any help to make a purchase, they can go do it 100% on their own.”

“We are committed to being a good partner to anyone that wants to do business with us,” said James.


It’s not just new, it’s modern too

The timing of the launch of the company is not coincidental either. World events propelled James and Greg to double their business development efforts and bring ASC to market sooner, rather than later.

“The global crisis has pushed us further into the digital world, exposing how many businesses are ill-equipped to serve online customers,” said Greg. James added, “Consumer behaviors have changed, even in the construction equipment industry, and demand for this type of business model will outlast the pandemic.”

Preparing for the future, James and Greg are committed to growing ASC beyond its initial scope. They will continue to work with OEMs to build out their breadth and depth of the site’s product offerings, as well as partner with industry specialists and experts to offer additional complementary services.

“There’s more to come,” said James and Greg, “we're going to give customers so many reasons to keep doing business with us that they’ll soon wonder how they ever purchased attachments any other way.”